The Red Pill

We will discuss the origins of  the Red Pill.

The Matrix movie is the origin of the Red Pill, but online has a very different story.

We have also researched and will reveal the transformaion of how the Red Pill turned into the Black Pill, in order to preserve the knowledge of Red Pill truth that was now at risk due to infiltration and distortion of its original defintion by PUA and Dating Coaches.

2 thoughts on “The Red Pill”

  1. A woman on YouTube ask the question “Why are men going MGTOW ?” This was my response and you are wlcome to use this if you like, enjoy. Men are going MGTOW because we only have two different kinds of chicks to chose from. First you have the run of the mill Gold Digging Harpy. She comes into your life like a cool summer breeze and does as much damage to your bank account as you allow and as soon as you cut her off from the resources she is out of your life looking for the next unsuspecting sucker. This is the girl that did not stick around long enough to truly break your heart.
    Then you have the worst of the worst and this is what I refer to as the Succubus. A Succubus is not with you just to drain your bank account, no sir. She is there to completely destroy you and everything you have, including your intact heart and emotional well being and she will stop at nothing to accomplish this goal. One of the flashing neon signs that the girl that you are with is a Succubus is she will keep you at arms length and what I mean by that is she will not let you get close to her emotionally, but if you try to leave her she will pull you closer and when you try to get closer to her she will push you away. And that is exactly where she thinks that you belong, at arms length, but she will still have a hold of your shirt collar so you can’t run away from the plantation, figuratively speaking of course. It’s just the kind of crap that they do, they know that you are in love with them and they are going to make you pay as dearly for loving them as they possibly can. So never forget what a Succubus is, she is a female demon from the Nether World that was sent to Earth to suck the life force out of man, starting with you my friend.

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