Brotherhood in the Mgtow, Red Pill, Black Pill, Incel, TFL, FA, and all other communities from the Manosphere exists. There are individuals in all groups that can teach and learn from one another.

How do we know what is Real Mgtow?

This is a question that must be expanded upon in detail and expanded again. There will be many points of view coming into sight to make this definition more complete with input of the perspectives from our brothers of all communities.

What is Red Pill?

The Matirx, the movie, and the knowledge; all to be explained in detailed lessons, and how they will be presented for future generations of men to learn how to mentally defend themselves against manipulation, shame, and many other controlling tactics and strategies.

What is Black Pill?

There is such a misconception of what the Black Pill is, that it leads us directly into the Incel branches of Mgtow, and the Mgtow branches of Incels in order to properly learn the definition. This is truly revolutionary groundbreaking mental material for men.