The Journey Begins

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Mgtow Dictionary is a growing body of literature produced by Man Power – created by Men – for Men.

What does MGTOW DICTIONARY provide?

A comprehensive look into Mgtow philosophy and Red Pill ideas.

It Takes a Man

Men are the only people that can bring boys into manhood; and this is something which no woman can do.

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The Mgtow Movie and Music review go into depth about explaining the subliminal suggestions found throughout the film and music industries around the world. These sections contain movies and music with messages so deep that they require multiply viewings combined with open minded conversations with extensive review. Input from Mgtow and Red Pilled individuals continue to grow these sections with worldwide perspectives that have the ability to continually bring new ideas into the Mgtow community due to the wide variety of mind power. Learn More

Mental Vision

Mgtow Dictionary provides an in depth investigation of how certain movies and music have been designed to destroy masculinity. This section of the library is known as the Blue Pill Movie and Music review which can be entered by pressing the blue pill film button, or the blue music note on the spinning coin.

Each dictionary contains a list of movies and music that reveal information about a specific song or film, and how it is used to mentally manipulate you away from what would be in your best interests.

Once you press the Black Pill; Mgtow Dictionary choices will appear. The title screen reveals a Mgtow status symbol on the top left, while the top right displays the music button (for classical relaxation while you browse the library).

Available for Android and iPhone

Mgtow Dictionary will be available soon for mobile devices. Call to Action